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14 Mar '10

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01 Jan '10

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Moving Hosts

iSophia has just moved hosts across the water to Media temple and a Grid Server. Things should all be up and running again minus a few glitches, mostly caused by an upgrade to wordpress which should be ironed out shortly!

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13 Dec '09

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ProRes Gamma shift fix.

There is nothing so frustrating as unexpected Gamma shifts. Round tripping between AE and FCP when using ProRes 4444 you may notice a gamma shift when bringing exports from After Effects into … Read More

08 Oct '09

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Images from the summer & a few updates

This has been the first year in many that i have only taken a handful of images during the months of July/August, but i’ve eventually sorted through them with a small collection here. Also some subtle changes to the site … Read More

17 May '09

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Welcome Back… Almost

Welcome back to the new isophia site. Finally a rather cleaner, easier website to both use and update, and one that for the first time is not a hash of bits and pieces of code jammed together in … Read More