Voices from the Shadows

‘Voices from the Shadows’ is a breakthrough film born out of utter desperation. In a intensely moving one hour feature documentary these hidden voices can at last be heard. It is an act of witness, supported by concerned professionals who illuminate an injustice hidden in our midst.

“Voices from the Shadows is the most important and significant film on pediatric ME that has ever been produced ” Prof. Leonard Jason

AUDIENCE_AWARDSWe see for ourselves the love, integrity, determination and courage of the contributors as they bravely share their stories. These are stories of life and death and although difficult to believe in this day and age, they are true: they happened. There are many, many others that remain untold. The film has been produced over several years by myself and my mother. It was selected and highlighted at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 20011 and went on to win the Audience choice for international feature documentary.

It is an independent and self funded project. More information can be found on the website –

“I can’t be impartial about this film, and I can’t conclude my review of it – if this is a review of it – with the customary, balanced summation of why you should, or should not, try to see it. But I can, with total sincerity, say this: if I could make everyone in the world see just one film, this would be the film I’d choose. It’s my film of the year. It’ll be my film of the decade. As a critic, I spend my life hoping to find films that will be speak to me. “Voices from the Shadows” goes beyond that. It is a film that speaks for me. And I want you to hear it.”
Scott Jordan Harris for Chicargo Sun Times.

“I think the film was powerful and it should be actually part of medical curricula in medical schools in the US.”
Dr Montoya – Stanford Medical School