June 6, 2011

Voices from the Shadows Trailer.

Voices from the Shadows Trailer from Josh on Vimeo.

Its been nearly two years coming, but we’re finally able to start spreading the word about ‘Voices from the Shadows’ – a documentary bearing witness to the devastating consequences of psychiatric prejudice and medical ignorance about one of the most prevalent illness of the 21st Century.

Hidden away in darkened silent rooms for years, even decades, men, women and children are suffering a vicious injustice. Although shockingly ill, many are disbelieved, blamed and suffer medical neglect and even abuse by professionals. Deception and obfuscation have been used to deny the horror of their plight.

The isolation imposed by this severe illness means that the daily reality of these sufferers lives remains invisible. They are too ill to make their voices heard, and few professionals are willing to risk damaging their careers by speaking out to protect them.

Biomedical research has been stifled, so prejudice and misinformation have become widespread. Irrevocable harm is still being caused by inappropriate ‘treatment’. At last international research is highlighting this travesty, but in the UK it could be many, many years before change occurs. Meanwhile, lives are being destroyed and children and young people are particularly vulnerable.

This is a profoundly moving, poignant and disquieting film by two patient advocates/carers. It shows the love, enduring courage and determination of those who bravely strive to be heard as they fight for health and respect.

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