June 6, 2011

Voices from the Shadows Trailer.

Voices from the Shadows Trailer from Josh on Vimeo.

Its been nearly two years coming, but we’re finally able to start spreading the word about ‘Voices from the Shadows’ – a documentary bearing witness to the devastating consequences of psychiatric prejudice and medical ignorance about one of the most prevalent illness of the 21st Century.

Hidden away in darkened silent rooms for years, even decades, men, women and children are suffering a vicious injustice. Although shockingly ill, many are disbelieved, blamed and suffer medical neglect and even abuse by professionals. Deception and obfuscation have been used to deny the horror of their plight.

The isolation imposed by this severe illness means that the daily reality of these sufferers lives remains invisible. They are too ill to make their voices heard, and few professionals are willing to risk damaging their careers by speaking out to protect them.

Biomedical research has been stifled, so prejudice and misinformation have become widespread. Irrevocable harm is still being caused by inappropriate ‘treatment’. At last international research is highlighting this travesty, but in the UK it could be many, many years before change occurs. Meanwhile, lives are being destroyed and children and young people are particularly vulnerable.

This is a profoundly moving, poignant and disquieting film by two patient advocates/carers. It shows the love, enduring courage and determination of those who bravely strive to be heard as they fight for health and respect.

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  1. Liz

    We need people like you to make these films Josh, we need to keep putting the dire situation of ME sufferers out there in the public eye, because somehow we need people to sit up and take notice, and ultimately get funding for biomedical research into this terrible disease.
    Best wishes to you, keep going with this we need people like you.


    (mum to 15 year old daughter with ME since she was 11)

  2. Nicki

    Thank you to all those who contributed to making this excellent trailer. This kind of correct information about the shocking situation regarding ME patients is desperately needed. And it is very movingly conveyed here. Are there plans to make this into a longer film? And what can we do to help that goal?

    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
    (Mum to 22 year old son more or less housebound with ME, 19 year old daughter with mild ME)

    • Hi Nicki,
      Thank you! Indeed there is, this is just the first trailer for the full doc (60mins) which we’re releasing it later this year. We’re trying to keep people up to date on the Facebook page but until then we’re as keen as possible to let people know it exists and spread the word!

  3. connie nelson

    A huge thanks to everyone involved in the making of this heart breaking but, unfortunately, much needed film. More power to your elbow everyone and hopefully one day you’ll see the benefits of all your hard work – pwme getting better.
    Hugsss to each and everyone of you.

  4. Jackie

    My 15 year old lad has had CFS/M.E. for over 3 years but was only diagnosed 8 months ago and it was by his football physio-therapist not his G.P.

    I wish I’d known about this film earlier because I would have forced all those ‘Doubting Thomas’s’ to watch it.

    My lad has been to Hell and back trying to get recognision of his health issues. He has been in constant trouble and suspended from school because they thought he was behaving badly, faking it or making the most of his ill health!

    Foruately he now has a great medical team supporting him and they have done all they can to make school understand the difficulies he has to live with.

    He’s now only in school for the mornings but today he’s arrived home and yet again a teacher has told him that he is using his ‘Brain Fog’ and pain as an excuse not to work.

    I purchased a copy of the film last night and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival because even now enough understanding is not being given to him, hopefully the film will alter that.

    Many thanks for producing such a wonderful documentry.

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