Filming in Ghana for ‘Visions’: Ubuntu, following the work of Marieke de Lange as she works with the street children of Ghana.

302569_10150757187770104_302842800103_20278690_2934680_nSix years ago, Marieke de Lange co-founded a travelling theatre to empower underprivileged children by staging theatrical performances in their communities that address issues pertinent to the problems they face.

Now Marieke travels to Ghana to see if she can inspire a poverty-stricken community by making street children aware of their talents and qualities through performance.

Following the success of 11 previous performances in six different countries, we will accompany Marieke to Accra in Ghana, where she will attempt to create a theatrical performance with local street-children.

Her aim is to empower these children by allowing them to inform the communities of the issues surrounding their plight. This process personalises situations that societies so often objectify as an easy coping mechanism.

Her theatre projects are based almost entirely on personal relationships and spontaneous communication with the community. It is through listening to the children’s stories and meeting people in the community that her script will develop.

The film is available to watch on the visions channel website here